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Microgaming Casinos Isis Video Slot Online

11 Microgaming Casinos Isis Video Slot Online

Isis is actually a slot online game from the collection of the major casino online program supplier Microgaming. It is uncommon since it is available in three unique avatars. Isis provides the preferred historical Egyptian concept. In Egyptian myth Isis is recognized as the goddess of motherhood, wonder and infertility. She is usually represented in a bird kind.

The first Isis slot title became a 25 payline video casino slot title. It possesses an interesting initial video clip where the goddess transforms into her bird type and goes across the Nile as well as the Pyramids of Egypt. The icons on the reels within the Isis video slot title are loaded with Egyptian myth. They are constructed ornately in vibrant shades and vivid outlines. Gamers at Microgaming internet casinos can bet on the Isis video slot without knowing the legendary importance of the icons, but those which are alert will delight in the online game considerably more. Among the icons symbolizes Isis' headdress, which includes the horns of the cow with the solar disc amongst them. Horus was Isis' child and therefore Isis is usually related to the Eye of Horus.

Isis the goddess would be the wild icon. It is loaded with magic since it increases winnings and provides a set jackpot of 10,000 coins. The spread icon is Isis within the bird reflection. Five spread icons anyplace on the reels provide a payment of 600 coins, and that is increased by the total wager. The scatter icon can also lead to as much as 30 free twists with winnings increased six times. Isis video slot machine also features the Microgaming gamble activity.

Isis had taken its second avatar when it started to be the fourth slot title to be connected to the Microgaming Mega Moolah dynamic jackpot network. In this particular avatar the slot title is referred to as Mega Moolah Isis. The game design and the icons continue to be the same; apart from that the design of a few of the icons is different


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